Campus Facilities

                    1. Library

                    HBEU Library is located in the center of the university, of which the north is the novel and chic HBEU entrance, the south is the scenic Chunhui Lake. With a good location, it is the landmark building of the university, with a main building of 11 floors and two wings of 6 floors covering building area of 38520 square meters.

                    2. Teaching Buildings

                    The teaching buildings comprise the buildings No. 1-7 and the triplet teaching buildings (namely the building of the School of Literature and Journalism, the building of the School of Foreign Languages, the building of School of Political Science and Law and School of Economics and Management), which can meet the teaching and learning needs of the twenty thousand students at the same time.

                    3. Laboratory Buildings

                    The laboratories are gathered in Computer Science Building, Chemical Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Building, Tiangong Building, Science Building and Life Science Building

                    4. Stadium

                    Attaching great importance to the basic sports facilities construction, HBEU has been rated as “Advanced Unit of National Mass Sports”. Built in March 2000, the standard stadium locates by the Chunhui Lake in the east part of HBEU, which can accommodate about ten thousand audiences and is a main venue for HBEU to hold sports meetings and large-scale public activities. Additionally, in the east and the west part of HBEU there are dozens of different levels of basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton courts and various facilities of national fitness.


                    The newly-built HBEU Gymnasium has a floor area covering 12000 square meters, which can accommodate 4800 audiences, with a basketball court, badminton stadium, yoga room, taekwondo room and table tennis room, etc. for the teachers and students to do sports for keeping fit.

                    6. Student Apartments

                    Student apartments locate in the east and the west part of the campus as well as Sanli and Tongda living-gardens, in which facilities and services such as international and domestic long distance calls, a campus network, etc. are provided to make students feel convenient, comfortable and warm.

                    7.Campus Canteens

                    Students are able to have meals in any of the four canteens, namely, Dongyuan Canteen, Xiyuan Canteen, Tongda Canteen and Sanli Canteen, with a campus ID card. Different varieties of snacks are served. If money deposit is needed, the service desks and ID card machines in every canteen are available within opening hours. According to students’ different regional and ethnic customs, different varieties of snacks including special snacks are served to fully meet the students’needs.

                    8. Academic Lecture Hall

                    HBEU often invites domestic and foreign well-known experts and professors to give lectures in the library Academic Lecture Hall or in the one in the building of the School of Literature and Journalism, etc.. It holds academic activities every month to create a nice academic atmosphere.

                    9. Music Hall

                    Built in June 2003, the Music Hall which can accommodate 500 audiences is equipped with advanced stage facilities such as light system, audio system and sound transmission system, and is a convenient place for the students’ from the Music Department to study, rehearse and perform, and also a main venue for HBEU to hold concerts.